RuneScape the Magister Coming on July 3 & Corrupted Scarabs


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RuneScape the Magister Coming on July 3 & Corrupted Scarabs

After so many teasers before RS Gold the real release of the boss, we can expect RuneScape the Magister on July 3, 2017 eventually. And we can learn something about the Corrupted Scarabs later. Before that please stock enough cheap rs gold.

The Magister is released on July 3

The Magister is a solo boss in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon and will be released upon July 3. You can fight with it with Slayer level 115 and a Key to the actual Crossing.

The previous teasers before the real coming of the boss - the Magister RuneScape

On June 6, the Magister Runescape has given us his first show in the game with the broadcast “The Magister has become aware of your presence. ” and then in June 7 Soul obelisks started to spawn in Menaphos, which is followed by the message that Corrupted scarabs started spawning in Menaphos on June 12.

Tips for Corrupted Scarabs RuneScape

1 . Corrupted Scarabs maybe will appear around the entrances of Shifting Tombs in Menaphos, at the mine in the worker district, and outside the particular Sophanem Slayer Dungeon regularly. And for they spawn at every entrance of the Shifting Tombs in the same world, you don’t need to fast-travel. On the contrary, you can be in one spot.

2 . You can get a small quantity of Reputation and a high quantity of Slayer XP by the burst of them. In addition , you may have a tiny chance to get a small Bonus XO star while you burst them.

3. As you can heal at the bank when your health is low, you are suggested to stay at the Merchant district entrance to the Shifting Tombs.

4. You are able to enter the Shifting Tombs and return to the same district to respawn swarms instead of going to Buy RS Gold another district fast.

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